Response & Reflection: Week 2

For my first response & reflection on piece about digital storytelling, I have selected Pictures of You: Photography in Digital Storytelling. My first goal was to find an article that talks about photography as a medium for telling a story.

This article is pretty straightforward, aimed at the average person who might think they aren’t creative enough to incorporate photography into their story. The author starts by pointing out that most of us have a cell phone on us with a decent camera, so taking pictures is as easy as taking out your phone. She gives a few tips like changing your perspective or getting up close to what you are photographing. And she even provides links to resources for learning more about the technical aspects of photography.

She also highlights the beauty of digital photography… you can take a lot of shots and use editing tools to create the perfect photo for telling or enhancing your story.

Finally, if all else fails, turn to stock photography.

Overall, her point is, that no matter your skill level or your perceived creativity, you can incorporate photos into your storytelling. The article was simple, to the point, and easy to follow and provides a few tips that can give a novice photographer more confidence.

Some of my own personal techniques include using the filters on Instagram or importing the photo into Prisma and playing with the different features. For example, I took this photo of a flower. I found the colors to be striking. Then I dropped it into the Prisma app and played around with some of the different settings until I found one that I really like.


I also enjoy employing some of the built in filters available on Instagram, such as this black and white photo.


As an aspect of storytelling, most of my photos tend to be taken while walking around my neighborhood. Eventually, they will all come together to tell the story of how I am Exploring My World Through a Digital Lens.



3 thoughts on “Response & Reflection: Week 2

  1. Thank you for this great post. While I never will be nor want to be a professional photographer, the tools to utilize a high quality camera already at my disposal are exciting. I’ve never put much thought into camera photos, essentially it came down to point to what you like and click. Voila, instant photo. The photo apps mentioned in the article and in your post seem to be pretty easy to use. I have already downloaded Prisma per your suggestion up above and plan to test it out this week. Thanks!


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