Response & Reflection: Week 4

My second piece on digital storytelling that I decided to discuss is How to Tell a Digital Story. Once again, my reasoning for reflecting on this is because of its tie to digital photography. The author uses an example of how to make coffee, and shows how photography combined with audio can make a seamless digital story.

The author provides a nice outline of how to present  digital story. He gives 10 steps:

  1. Setting the Digital Storytelling Scene
  2. Start Your Digital Storytelling Experience
  3. Tell Your Digital Story
  4. The Steps to Digital Storytelling Success
  5. Maintain the Pace
  6. Enhance Your Message
  7. One Step at a Time
  8. Show the Result
  9. Provide that Something Extra
  10. Recap the Essentials

Overall, the 10 steps provides a nice guideline for creating a digital story and can be easily followed and understood by even the most novice of storytellers.

I also liked that the author illustrated each step with a photograph. The combination of photographs and text help to bring the steps alive.

Overall, I thought this is a good addition to storytelling education, especially as it pertains to using photography as a primary component of telling your story.

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