Week 3: Self Reflection of Learning

Well, first I’d like to note that I obviously got out of order. Somehow, I managed to look at week 4’s due date information and completed a piece of scholarship in week 3 instead of this self reflection of learning. So here is the self reflection of learning that I should have done last week!

My daily creates to date include:

Assignment Bank:

My digital story critiques:

Responses & reflections on the readings and selections of scholarship:

Responses to classmates posts:

  • Meissa’s Digital Story Critique: Why America Needs a Slavery Museum – “Thank you for sharing this digital story. It definitely delivers a powerful message. I really liked how Mr. Cummings speaks about slavery as a national issue and he outlines the view points from different viewpoints. The video is well done and makes a strong case for having a slavery museum.”
  • KELLYSANTAMARIA’s Storytelling Scholarship Article – “I also like the idea of being given a domain as a child, one that you can maintain throughout your life. With so much of our life existing in a digital realm, it seems convenient to have everything centralized. There is so much in our life that gets compartmentalized or segmented, tied to a time and space, having something that stays with us can help to keep this separation from happening. This online environment is definitely changing the way we do business, the way we think about ourselves and our space. It’s almost like this dimension that transcends time and space. I think if we start doing something like this, the pay aspect will be figured out. Maybe it will be like a social security number… at birth you are issued a domain that becomes yours and our taxes will go to pay for maintaining it (though, that opens up the topic of privacy and government intrusion in our lives… something for another day).”
  • Robert’s Digital Story Response No. 1: “Ethnolinguistic Profile” – “Hi Robert. Thank you for sharing this digital story with us! I actually have a few comments for your critique. First, it would have been helpful to include a link to the video (or did I miss the link?). I think I found it, but having a link would make sure that I am viewing the same file that you are critiquing. Second, you use some acronyms/terminology that I am not familiar with, so I would have liked to see them spelled out or at least have links to resources that would help me get an understanding of the terms.I also found the story to be compelling. I really enjoyed watching it 🙂
  • Cilantro12’s Do More, Be More with a Domain“I enjoyed reading your assessment. I especially like ho wit opened your eyes to some thing. I think you bring up a very relevant point about the fear that something we post is going to reflect badly on us. I think this can bring up an interesting discussion about perceptions and perspectives. And I have two trains of thought on this. First, maybe we should be telling kids and people what they should and shouldn’t be posting (yes, I can hear the collective gasp now). Maybe what we should be teaching them is understanding how actions can be perceived and how those perceptions can affect future opportunities. And I say this because for every post you tell a child they shouldn’t make, there will be 10 more that you don’t even think of. But if we educate our children more about how the world works and how our digital footprint can follow us around, even years and decades later, hopefully they will be more cognizant of the brand they hope to show the world. Second, I think as a society, we are quite hung up on appearances, and what we should and shouldn’t be doing. There are definitely things that we shouldn’t do, but overall, i think we need to work on our judginess. What one person sees as flaky, another might see as free spirited; what one person sees as reckless, another might see as adventurous. My point, really, is that yes, we should be careful about what we put out there in the social realm, but i think we are at a wonderful point in our history to start reexamining our perceptions and out beliefs. And I truly love this idea of having a digital space that is yours and that follows you throughout your life where you can build and share your experiences.”

I think the main things that I am struggling with right now are time and knowledge. And sadly, I really need more time to increase my knowledge! I still need to figure out a better way to link all of my sites for class together so they interweave and feed into each other. I feel that I am pretty good at this in my personal life, mainly in that I am a heavy user of Instagram and I have my Instagram account tied to my Twitter account and to my Facebook account. That way, when I use Instagram to document something in my life, I can automatically post it to Twitter and Facebook rather than having to repost it.

I think my favorite assignments so far are the Daily Create, the Assignment Bank, and the Digital Storytelling Critique. The first two because they allow me to exercise my creativity. The last one because so far I have found two amazing stories that I wouldn’t have discovered without this class. I think what I am learning by this experience is that so many people have something interesting to say, but it is hard to get that information out there. Even with all of the push technology that we have, we are still reliant on an audience that wants to seek us out. The push technology is most effective on audiences that already know we exist. So I guess the bug question is, how do we a) find people that would be interested in what we have to say, and b) make them aware of our existent.

I don’t think there is anything different that I would do at this point. I am actually doing pretty well at staying on top of things and getting them completed before the due date. The primary thing I want to focus on in the next couple of weeks is cleaning up my delivery mechanisms, and finding a way to tie them together.

I think the largest issue I have surrounding my work is that I don’t necessarily feel like I am creating a cohesive or focused digital story at this point. I am collecting a hodge podge of information that I am hoping will give me some idea of what story I actually want to tell. I think I am on the right track with the photography aspect, as photos can tell so much about something. But there definitely needs to be a narrative and I need to find how I want to present that narrative. The digital stories that I am finding are giving me a better idea of what I would like to do, but the technology might be a bit beyond me at this point. And as I mentioned earlier, time and knowledge tend to be my two biggest enemies! I would love to relearn Flash (I took a class probably 10 or more years ago) as this seems to be a wonderful way to present a lot of information in a package that is aesthetic and informative.

Overall, I’d say that I am keeping up with the work, though sometimes I do feel like I am behind! And as you can see, I had my first big failure last week by responding to a piece of scholarship rather than doing my learning reflection. I believe that in some regards, I am exceeding expectations (my own, at least!), though since I am doing what is asked, and haven’t yet gone above and beyond, I’m ok with considering it meeting expectations.


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