DS106 Assignment Bank: Can’t Get It Out Of My Head

This week’s assignment bank task was to choose an audio assignment. I selected Can’t Get It Out Of My Head.

The instructions are: “Use some auido [sic] recording software, I used audacity, to record yourself whistling a song that has gotten stuck in your head before. Then upload it to soundlcoud [sic]. But don’t title it with the original song’s title. Let your classmates guess what song you were whistling. Have Fun!!”

So, I have embedded an audio file of me humming a sung that I find myself humming when I am super busy at work. It seems to come from the part of my brain that would normally wander if I don’t keep it occupied. Also, I ended up humming it becuase I just can’t seem to whistle loud enough to be picked up by my microphone. Enjoy and feel free to submit your guesses!


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