Week 5: Self Reflection of Learning

This week, I read the right assignment! I’d like to say that I am at crunch time for my capstone for my Master’s in Public Administration, so I haven’t been able to focus as much time on these assignments as I would like. Once I get the bulk of that done, I will have time to get in the weeds more and clean up my blogs and add to my photography blog Exploring My World Through a Digital Lens. I just got back from trip to Virginia and have some photos that I need to post, as well as all the photos I take when I am walking around my neighborhood. So stay tuned!

My most recent daily creates include:

Assignment Bank:

My digital story critiques:

I didn’t realize this when I was choosing my digital stores, but both of them from the previous 2 weeks are one word titles and one syllable and very similar (word wise), but truly couldn’t be more different.

Responses & reflections on the readings and selections of scholarship:

Responses to classmates posts:

  • Heather’s Critique of Ken Robinson’s Changing Educational Paradigms – “Thanks for sharing this. As I was reading your post, I had a very odd “ah ha” moment! I have always said that our educational system needs to be overhauled, but I didn’t realize how limited my thinking was in that overhaul until I read this statement “Kids are educated in large batches, they are the same age, and they are typically forced to sit and acquire knowledge.” All of a sudden, this light bulb went on in my head that was like…. “yeah, why do we do this?” I realize, that developmentally, I guess grouping by age is an easy way to organize students. However, it seems that we are missing out on how we can bring more creative learning by bringing together diverse groups of students, including age diversity.”
  • Robert’s My Response to “Using Digital Storytelling to Support EFL Learning in China” – “Interesting article Robert. Makes me wonder if this is why I was never able to fully a learn a foreign language. Throughout my life I have studied 4 different languages, yet never felt like I was really learning any of them. I still retain a few phrases, but certainly nothing that would help me if I were to be dropped in a foreign country with no access to english speakers! I hope you continue to post after this class and keep us informed about how incorporating digital storytelling in your teaching helps your students.”
  • Digital Story Critique #3-Stories of Travel – “What an interesting story. Thank you for finding it and sharing it! Sometimes, it is so easy to get bogged down in our own culture and our own issues that we forget there are so many other cultures and struggles out there that are different from our own. There was a common theme in the letters… the students want President Obama to visit their country, and the students want to come to the USA. to either learn more about our country or to share ideas. I think this was a nice way to present what the class experienced while they were there, but it would have been interesting to see it presented in a more interactive format. After some of the digital stories that I have been critiquing, I have seen some interesting, interactive presentation styles that would fit this story so well. Maybe present bios about the various students with photos and then as you select each student, you can read their letter while hearing them speak (either about themselves or reading their letter out loud).”
  • Heather’s Scholarship Review: Film School – “Thanks for sharing this article. I love the idea you brought up that digital storytelling really is not a new phenomena. In fact, storytelling has been around for as long as man has been able to communicate. Long before writing, people shared oral stories as a way to impart knowledge, remember history, shape morals and behavior, and more. It’s wonderful that we have these new platforms we can use to tell our stories and reach much larger audiences. I hope you find creative ways to incorporate storytelling in your classroom!”

My sentiments from my previous reflection of learning have not changed “I think the main things that I am struggling with right now are time and knowledge. And sadly, I really need more time to increase my knowledge! I still need to figure out a better way to link all of my sites for class together so they interweave and feed into each other. I feel that I am pretty good at this in my personal life, mainly in that I am a heavy user of Instagram and I have my Instagram account tied to my Twitter account and to my Facebook account. That way, when I use Instagram to document something in my life, I can automatically post it to Twitter and Facebook rather than having to repost it.” As I mentioned above, I am in crunch time for my Capstone, so most of my free time has been devoted to researching my topic and fretting about how I am going to get it done! My rough draft is due Wednesday, so hopefully that means the bulk of the time intensive work will be behind me. I am looking forward to having more time to focus on this class, because I am having a lot of fun. And I would like to have more time to read more of my classmates posts. As I am randomly clicking through to find my comments, I am seeing some interesting posts that I have missed and can’t wait to go back and read them.

My favorite assignments are still the Daily Create, the Assignment Bank, and the Digital Storytelling Critique. I am not as big of a fan of the audio Assignment Bank for various reasons. #1 My competency level (but of course, this is the reason that I should try more of them!). #2 I’m not a fan of recording my voice, but those were the “easiest” assignments for me to complete.

The primary thing I would do differently is sleep less and do more school work 🙂 Unfortunately, I am a sleeper and need a lot of sleep in order to function. So that is not an option. I am really hoping October will be a little slower paced and I’ll have more time to devote to this class.

This sentiment is still the same “I think the largest issue I have surrounding my work is that I don’t necessarily feel like I am creating a cohesive or focused digital story at this point. I am collecting a hodge podge of information that I am hoping will give me some idea of what story I actually want to tell. I think I am on the right track with the photography aspect, as photos can tell so much about something. But there definitely needs to be a narrative and I need to find how I want to present that narrative. The digital stories that I am finding are giving me a better idea of what I would like to do, but the technology might be a bit beyond me at this point.”

At this point, I am keeping up with the schedule, but I would like to do more than what is minimally required. After all, the best way to grow is to do more and to challenge yourself. And so far, I feel like I am falling back on what I already know how to do because I want to complete the assignment. I think my goal going forward will be to challenge myself more and try new things. I did download Audacity in order to complete the audio Assignment Bank assignment. But, I have used Audacity in the past to record students doing book talks for a high school English class. However, that was almost 10 years ago, so it was nice to dust off my digital recording skills 🙂

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