Response & Reflection: Week 7

The chapter we read this week is Social learning, ‘push’ and ‘pull’, and building platforms for collaborative learning. And honestly, this is my least favorite article/chapter so far. It reads like the literature review in an academic thesis. Overall, it is a good overview of the research that has been done on social learning, but since I am in the middle of my capstone for my graduate program, I really did not enjoy reading a literature review.

  1. What are your main insights and ideas from the given reading? The main thing I took away from this reading is that our learning environment is changing and that technology is one of the drivers behind it.
  2. What unique terminology, jargon, buzzwords, and other concepts appear in this reading that require your careful attention and definition? What are your interpretations of these words and concepts? I skimmed this chapter. It felt like the entire piece was terminology/jargon in the learning field. Which is fine. Most of it was understandable.
  3. How does this reading challenge/expand/contradict your definition of (digital) storytelling? I’d say this reading expanded my definition of digital storytelling in that it looked at the idea of pulling people into your content. I think this is one of the biggest problems anyone who has something to say faces. How do you bring people to you? Pushing the information is one way, but that relies on people to want to read what you are pushing out to them. So pulling seems to be a great way… people read what you have to say because they are seeking it out.
  4. Having engaged this reading, what are you now curious about?  What questions are you asking, particularly about (digital) storytelling? This reading did not give me anything to question at this point. It addressed topics I had already struggled with in other environments, so it basically reinforced issues/ideas that I was already aware of.
  5. What additional scholarship, popular media, teaching resources, or other media are related to your developing understanding of both (digital) storytelling and this reading? I have nothing at this time. When I write my next post on an article of my choosing, I will probably have more resources to share.

I also want to make note that I recently received some bad family news, so my outlook on things isn’t the most sunny. I’m sure it affected my thoughts about this piece as I was reading it.

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