Week 7: Self Reflection of Learning

I’ve started adding some of my photos to my photography blog Exploring My World Through a Digital Lens. I have posted two days worth of adventures and only have 3 more to go! I also need to post the photos from my Instagram feed. I also need to learn better how to use WordPress. I have been looking at other classmates’ blogs and I am impressed with how they have their blogs set up. Hopefully, by the end of the semester, I will know better what I am doing.

My most recent daily creates include:

  • #tdc1725 Circles in Circles I just got the newest iOS update for my phone and created this image using one of the new features in my texting app.

Assignment Bank:

My digital story critiques:

The first digital story, Alison, is a story told with photos and a small amount of text. The second story I chose is a story that included photos, video, audio, and text, and it is long enough to be divided into chapters. Both are very different and are wonderful examples of how a story can be told.

Responses & reflections on the readings and selections of scholarship:

Responses to classmates posts:

  • Andrew’s MAKE IT PERSONAL! post – “Thank you for posting this article. I like the reminder that it is the story that is important. I mostly agree with this. Without a good story, it doesn’t matter what technology you use to present it, it will still be a bland or boring story. However, technology can enhance or complement an already intriguing story. Along that same line, the wrong technology can totally detract from a story. It is up to the story teller to not only engage us but to also choose the best medium for presenting that story. In that sense, the technology actually becomes a part of the story.”
  • David’s Response – 8 Steps to Great Digital Storytelling – “I like that you chose this article because it makes the digital storytelling process a simple step -by-step process. It’s just like when you teach students to write a research paper, where you can replace create storyboard with create an outline. It gives the student a framework and takes out the guesswork for the process. Though, when I say simple, I certainly don’t mean that storytelling is simple! But there are great storytellers out there that get bogged down in the process and are never able to get their story out there.”
  • Lisa’s Digital Story Critique: Serenity for Working Moms – “Great review of this podcast! I have recently started listening to podcast for personal and professional development. It sounds like you found a good one. While I don’t have children and am not married, I think Maria Dismondy makes good points that we can all live by.I also liked that you chose a podcast to review. I know we read a chapter about creating podcasts, but I haven’t explored them yet as a storytelling medium. I might have to do some more digging into the podcasts beyond the traditional informational ones that I usually listen to. Much like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, it seems like podcasts can also be a tool to tell your story.”
  • Louiza’s Week 6 | Digital Story Critique – “This story definitely highlights the issues that many students face throughout their academic career. I really liked the personal aspect of this story and the fact that it had a relatively happy ending. I think her struggles in life made her end up being a better teacher for it She is now able to recognize the same types of struggles in her students that were missed in her when she was struggling. It is definitely a powerful story and one that needed to be told.”

My favorite assignments are still the Daily Create, the Assignment Bank, and the Digital Storytelling Critique. I think I found some really interesting digital stories and I am looking forward to finding more to critique as the semester continues.

I also find it amazing that I have such confidence that my capstone will stop consuming so much of my time, when the truth is, each week brings something new to focus on. So this week, I am gathering contact information for various nonprofit organizations and teaching myself how to use the survey tool.

I’m definitely glad I took this class, but it does make me wish I had done the Instructional Technology program instead of the Public Administration program! But I am hoping that I will be able to use the stuff I am learning here in my career in some way. I think I mentioned in my last reflection post that I want to incorporate storytelling into the engagement strategy that I am working on.

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