Digital Story Critique 10: My Life & Photography – Digital Story

For this week’s digital story, I chose to My Life & Photography – Digital Story by Rita Rocha. It is a short YouTube video, but it gives a lot of information about where the author got her love of photography. I chose this particular digital story because it not only uses photos to tell her story, it is a story about her passion for photography.

Both Rita’s father and grandfather explored their worlds through their cameras and were fond of self-portraits. Rita decided to do the same. She also photographs other people, places, and still life.

To critique the story, I chose elements from Digital Storytelling: Evaluation Methods .

Point of View The point of view is well developed and contributes to the overall meaning of the story. 10
Pacing of Narrative The pace (rhythm and voice punctuation) fits the story line and helps the audience really “get into” the story. 9
Quality of Images Images create a distinct atmosphere or tone that matches different parts of the story. The images may communicate symbolism and/or metaphors. 10

I gave this story a 29 because it easily met all of the criteria I elected to critique it on.

Point of View… this story is obviously from the point of view of the author. It works well for this story because the story is about why the author takes photographs. Some of the photographs included are from the point of view of her father and her grandfather. This is also appropriate, since she got her love of photography from them. It is her shared bond with these two men in her life.

As for Pacing of Narrative… I think the video was a little short and some of the photos flashed by pretty quickly. But overall, the pace worked for the story. It’s amazing how much information you can get in a video that is less than 3 minutes long.

For quality of images… they are stunning. The photographers did a great job of capturing moments and feelings. Even the older photos that belonged to her father and grandfather were high quality. It was interesting, though, that a lot of the photos from the author were in bathrooms – lol.

Her photos are provocative and interesting. I really enjoyed this quick look into her life with a camera. I’m glad I chose this digital story as it’s giving me a better idea of what I want to do for my digital story.

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