2 Girls, a Car, and a Mission

2 Girls, a Car, and a Mission – My friend Kim and I were invited to a wedding in Virginia on September 17, 2016. My mom’s birthday happens to be September 16, and she lives in Virginia. So we decided to make it a whirlwind Virginia trip. The plan… fly into Dulles Airport, rent a car, and drive all over the state, do as much as we could, and see as many people as possible. It was a mission that we chose and one in which we succeeded. Grab a seat, and enjoy the ride with us!

Day 1: September 15, 2016

Our adventure started on a plane from Denver International Airpot (DIA) to Dulles (IAD) very early in the morning.


Our first goal was to meet up with friends at a local favorite: Guapo’s. Here we met up with our friends Rachel, Matt, and Jonathan.


Once dinner was over, we jumped in our car and headed to Seaford, VA to help my mom celebrate her birthday.


Home sweet home


Day 2: September 16

Since this was my mom’s birthday, we spent the whole day with her. Our first stop was Yorktown, VA. Since I grew up here, it was fun to revisit the Yorktown Monument, Yorktown Beach, and the Coleman Bridge.

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We then headed to Williamsburg, VA to shop at the outlet malls and check out a few breweries.

Then we headed back to Yorktown for a hometown favorite, Yorktown Pub, followed by some night time beach viewing.

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Day 3: September 17

Today is the day of the wedding, but we wanted to spend a little more time with my mom so we headed back to Yorktown for the Farmer’s Market. We enjoyed a little breakfast, some very large gourds, and a last look at the York River.

We said good-bye to mom and headed to Winchester for our friend’s wedding. On the way, we stopped in Fredericksburg, VA for lunch at the Happy Clam. One of my goals for this trip was to eat as much seafood as possible!

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We finally made it to Winchester and had time to get ready for the wedding. The venue was beautiful and the bride was exquisite. I also took a moment to prop my feat up and relax.

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Day 4: September 18

As a native Virginian, I am a huge fan of the wineries. With many friends in the northern Virginia area, Kim and I picked a winery to camp out at so that our friends could find us. We selected Bluemont Vineyard. I am absolutely in love with their Viognier.

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Not wanting to call it a day, a few of us decided to head to Dirt Farm Brewing, a brewer that is right next door to Bluemont Vineyard.

After the brewery, we decided to call it a day so we could get a good night’s sleep before flying back to Denver.

Day 5: September 19

Mission: Successful! We saw friends, celebrated my mom’s birthday, ate a ton of seafood, covered a lot of miles, and had a wonderful trip. But sadly, the trip had to end.

This is me, at the airport, waiting for our flight to board. In Denver, my hair is frizzy (unless I flat iron it), but in the humidity of Virginia, my hair has a nice wave to it.


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