Digital Story Critique: Nickolette Grimes

We were assigned two classmates’ digital stories to critique for our Digital Storytelling class. The second one I am critiquing is Nickolette Grimes’ digital story. While this story is told from her point of view, it is about her relationship with Dillon and their cat Stuart. What might appear simple on the surface (how much Nickolette loves Dillon and Stuart), when you break it down, you learn a lot about both Nickolette and Dillon.
To critique the story, I chose elements from  Digital Storytelling: Evaluation Methods.
Purpose of Story Establishes a purpose early on and maintains a clear focus throughout. 10
Dramatic Question A meaningful dramatic question is asked and answered within the context of the story. 10
Quality of Images Images create a distinct atmosphere or tone that matches different parts of the story. The images may communicate symbolism and/or metaphors. 10

I gave this story a 30 because it easily met all of the criteria I elected to critique it on.

Purpose of the story: There are several levels to this story. First, Nickolette wanted to share her love for Dillon. This story, on the surface, appears to be a tribute to Dillon. However, as you dig deeper, you see that Nickolette has also found her success in life through support and love from Dillon and their cat Stuart. This story also tells the audience more about the kind of person Dillon is.

As for Dramatic Question: The dramatic question that is answered by this story is “how did she do it”. Nickolette achieved her goal of graduating from college, even after changing majors from nursing to teaching. She attributes her success to the love and support she received from Dillon. However, I think underneath all of this, we also learn that Nickolette is the kind of person that can achieve what she sets her mind to.

For quality of images: I like that she used different qualities of photos. It looks like she edited some of the photos to take on a more surreal quality while keeping others crisper. In addition, it looks like she used a combination of personal photos and stock photos to illustrate the story she told. All in all, I enjoyed the photos and how well they went along with the story.

At first, when I watched this video, I though “ugh. young love” (I’m old and jaded — lol). But as I continued to watch it, I was drawn in. While it did feel a little over the top, it also helped me remember how I felt when I was in my twenties (so long ago) and really makes me root for Nickolette and Dillon to make. It’s so wonderful when we meet people that brings out the best in us, and Dillon and Stuart definitely seem to do this for Nickolette. Bravo!

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