Week 12: Self Reflection of Learning


It is crunch time for my capstone! So far, my feedback has been good, so that is a big relief. My final draft is due the 27th, and my defense will be Dec 6. I will be very happy when this is behind me 🙂

I am also happy with all of the cool stuff I have learned in this class! Even if I don’t have much of an opportunity to use it professionally, I hope I get a chance to use it personally.

My most recent daily creates include:

  • #tdc1768 Create a story that explains how all of these items came to be together
  • #tcd1759 The world needs more super heroes

My digital story critiques:

Responses & reflections on the readings and selections of scholarship:

Responses to classmates posts:

  • Scholarship Response: Week 11 – “Thank you for reviewing this article! I think any tips and hints for creating a good digital story are always helpful when it comes time to create our own. I especially like the idea of Adaptive Digital Storytelling. This idea makes me think of authors who write stories from different points of view. One that particularly comes to mind is Ender’s Game. This book was written from Ender’s point of view. In addition to other books from Ender’s point of view, the author also chose to tell the same story from Bean’s point of view (for those of you that haven’t read Ender’s Game, Bean is another character int he story).”
  • David’s Emotions and Interactive Digital Storytelling – “Great article choice. I love articles that look at the psychology behind things. Thank you for posting this. I found it interesting, though not surprising, that men and women had different reactions to this gaming sequence. I also like the idea of a digital story that progresses based on the reaction of the viewer. This is particularly important on works of fiction, However, when someone is telling their own story, it might be a little trickier. But it might give us a better handle on who our audience might be. It is kind of in line with how certain genres of fiction appeal to different audiences. For instance, based on the emotional aspect of this article, it would make sense that books that include human interactions and romance might be more appealing to a majority women, while books that deal in facts and hard science are typically more appealing to men.This also brings me back to a philosophy class that I took many years ago where we talked about the different types of fallacies in argument. One of the fallacies was an appeal on emotion. Basically, and argument that appealed to people’s emotions was not a really a valid argument because emotions are rarely ever tied to facts.”
  • Robert’s My Response to “The Attention Revolution: Unlocking the Power of the Focused Mind” – “Thank you thank you thank you for posting this! While I have not studied buddhism or eastern philosophy much, I can definitely relate to the idea of a clear mind. I often find that my emotional reactions and intellectual reactions are so different. I try to respond to things based more on my intellect than on my emotions, because I recognize that emotions can be irrational. Your article definitely makes me want to delve more into buddhism and eastern philosophy.”
  • Robert’s Digital Story Response No 9: “Eastern Philosophy: Wu Wei” – “I loved this video. It is so much in line with the way that I strive (yet often fail) to live my life. I think it beautifully illustrated the concept of Wu Wei. And I really like that you tied your digital story and your response & reflection together. It makes it really interesting to view both and contemplate on them.”
  • Andrew’s  Digital Story Critique: This is My Home – “This was a beautiful and vivid story. With what is going on, I agree that this story is timely, relevant, and poignant. Thank you for sharing, I think that the voice overs and the photography worked very well together.”

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